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At Stewardship Capital, we are committed to helping provide clear and simple investment solutions to help you confidently achieve your financial goals. As financial partner advocates, we constantly research, strategize and take the actions necessary to diversify and allocate investments based on ever-changing market conditions.

As Registered Investment Advisors with a fiduciary duty, we look out for your best interests and put your hard-earned money to work. First, an investment plan is created, carefully considering your goals and level of risk. We report investment results regularly and meet with you as often as you would like. It’s that simple.

Financial planning is the cornerstone for long-term financial stability and growth. At Stewardship Capital, we simplify the planning process to help you put your resources to work and build a secure future. We utilize the industry leading financial planning software to help you answer the most important questions you face financially.


We turned 25 in 2022!
Our Ribbon cutting for our 25th Anniversary
Our President and Vice President, Ron and Karen Finke
Our Chief Operation Officer, Luke Davis
Elizabeth Finke in Administration
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